dr. Alessandro Politi

Alessandro Politi

Alessandro Politi is a global political and strategic analyst with 30 years of experience in the sector. He is Director of the NATO Defense College Foundation, the only NATO-affiliated NGO think tank by statutes. In this context he carries out: research overview, high level training and selected events’ organisation, while expanding the activities of the Foundation. His next book co-authored and edited by March-April 2019 will be on global strategic trends.

Until December 2017 he has been POLAD to COMKFOR, contributing to preventing and defusing relevant crises in Kosovo and in the region (Austerlitz Bridge, the Serbian propaganda train, the political deadlock and transition in FYROM, the second energy crisis) and to the political development of the IiK (the first OSCE-KFOR cooperation on the vote collection for the Serbian presidential elections, extended then to general and municipal elections in Kosovo). Was senior researcher for the Italian MoD (CeMiSS-Centre for Military and Strategic Studies) responsible for the strategic monitoring of Latin America. He also led in the CeMiSS the Global Outlook project, published in Italian and English (2015 third edition); an integrated and short term predictive and strategic analysis product on global evolutions.

Long standing teacher until 2016 of geopolitics and intelligence at the Italian MFA and UN-affiliated SIOI (Italian Society for International Organisation). He also has taught conflict management, crisis, peace-making and strategic and open source intelligence analysis at different governmental training establishments, including University of Rome 1 and Rome 3.

His research work has been carried out with institutes like: IAI, ISPI, Cespi, PRIF, IFP, WEU-ISS. He has directed the CEMRES research centre on CBMs in the framework of the 5+5 Defence Initiative, presenting the conclusions to the Ministers in Granada.

He has been special advisor in Italy and abroad to four Defence ministers (among which the actual President of the Italian Republic, Hon. Sergio Mattarella), one National Armaments Director (former Defence Minister, Adm. rtd. Giampaolo Di Paola), one Intelligence Co-ordinator/Director (Segrecesis/DIS), one Chairman of the Oversight Intelligence Committee, one Head of the Italian delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (actually EU HR, Hon. Federica Mogherini). During his posting as WEU-ISS researcher he published papers on new transnational risks and on a European intelligence policy, in addition to collective work on current crisis and the drafting of the OSINT requirement for the WEU SITCEN (later the EU Joint SITCEN). Born in Germany, he lived between Pisa, Rome, Paris and Pristina. Graduated at the Univ. of Pisa (Military History) and the Scuola Normale Superiore special establishment. He has published as author or co-author 39 books on strategic and security matters. In English and Italian he has published, edited and contributed to the series of the NDCF books. His most recent book is the NDCF Shaping Security Horizons - Strategic Trends 2012-2019 volume, a global predictive analysis tailored to the needs of decision shapers.

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