Jadranka Joksimović

Minister, Ministry for EU integration of the Republic of Serbia

She graduated international relations as the best student of her generation at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade in 2001/2002. She completed her master's studies at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science at the Alpha University in Belgrade in 2013. She is currently attending doctoral studies in political science at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade. He won a "The Promising Generation" scholarship from the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway in 2001, and in 2000/2001 he won the government Talent Fund scholarship as one of "The most talented students in Serbia". She started her career as a demonstrator at the Faculty of Political Sciences on the "Diplomacy and Diplomatic History" and "Economics of Transition" courses. She is one of the signatories-founders of the Serbian Progressive Party in 2008. From 2007 to mid-2008, she worked in the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia as an expert associate of the parliamentary group "Forward Serbia". From 2009 to 2012, she was editor of the municipal newspaper Zemunske novine. She was a participant of the EUVP (European Visitors Program) - a training program about the European Union institutions, Brussels / Strasbourg 2009. In May 2012 she was elected MP in the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia from the list of the Serbian Progressive Party. She was the Chairperson of the Security Services Control Committee in the Serbian parliament. During her chairmanship, the control mechanisms of this committee on security services had been significantly improved. She was also a member of the Committee on European Integration, a member of the Joint Stabilization and Association Committee, a member of the Permanent Delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the head of the delegation of the Central European Initiative, and the President of the Friendship Group with Turkey. She was elected Minister without portfolio in charge of Serbian European integrations for the first time on 27 April 2014. After extraordinary parliamentary elections, on 11 August 2016, she was re-elected to the position of Minister without a portfolio in charge of European integration. After the establishment of the Ministry of European Integration in 2017, she was elected Minister of European Integration and kept the position to the present day. She was the winner of the "Best European" award for 2015, awarded by the First European House organization. In 2015, the Association of Lobbyists of Serbia presented her with the Plaque for developing the theory and practice of transparent lobbying and advocacy. In May of the same year, in the Belgrade City Assembly, she was awarded the "Rainbow" prize, presented by the Gay Straight Alliance for contribution to fight against homophobia and transphobia. She was the recipient of an Appreciation Letter for the affirmation of connecting theory and practice of trade negotiation from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Nis in 2018. She was also recognized for her outstanding contribution to the improvement of infrastructure in the industrial zone in the municipality of Bojnik. She is a member of the Steering Committee and the Presidency of the Serbian Progressive Party. By the decision of the party's president, she was appointed International Secretary of the Serbian Progressive Party. She speaks English and German.

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