Ivo Čolović

Project Director, CeSID

Ivo Čolović is in the position of Project Director of CeSID. He started his career as an external associate at CeSID in 2002 while studying, and since 2007 he has been part of CeSID's team as a research network coordinator. With hard work, he progressed quickly and reached the position of director of operations. His specialty is the organization and implementation of research projects that include: creating questionnaires, holding trainings and trainings for interviewers, monitoring and control of the data collection process, statistical processing of data, writing analytical reports and presentation of findings. He has a decade of experience in the process of public opinion research and almost as much in the process of monitoring election processes in Serbia and abroad. Within the large number of activities that the organization is engaged in, public opinion research and election observation are certainly the primary areas of its work and at the same time what it finds itself in the most. He completed his Bachelor studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade, International Relations.

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