Ashley Rhoades

Ashley Rhoades

Ashley Rhoades is a Defense Analyst at the RAND Corporation and serves as the Special Projects Coordinator for RAND's Center for Middle East Public Policy (CMEPP). Her research interests include terrorism and counterterrorism (with an emphasis on al Qaeda and the Islamic State), European security, strategic competition, and deterrence. 

Rhoades received her M.A. in Security Studies from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. She holds a B.A. with Honors in Political Science and a minor in Art History from Stanford University. 

Rhoades spent two terms of her undergraduate studies at the University of Oxford, where she completed extensive research and coursework on a range of international security issues. Her undergraduate honors thesis analyzes the role of U.S. incentives in constructing the Coalition of the Willing in Iraq. Her Master's thesis explores the relationship between returning foreign fighters and terrorism in Western Europe. While pursuing her Master's degree, Rhoades completed an internship at the National Defense University with the chief of staff of the Army's Operation Iraqi Freedom Study Group.

Rhoades honed her public speaking, policy analysis, and editorial skills during her tenures as president of the Society for International Affairs at Stanford, director of the Stanford Model United Nations program, and editor-in-chief of the Georgetown Security Studies Review. Her prior professional roles include working as a research assistant at Stanford focusing on the Arab-Israeli conflict, as a paralegal for a firm in D.C., and as the director of the North American circuit for a United Nations-affiliated start-up.

Rhoades is the author of Testing the Value of the Postwar International Order (2018), Practical Terrorism Prevention: Reexamining U.S. National Approaches to Addressing the Threat of Ideologically Motivated Violence (2019), and several other RAND studies. 

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