Kremlin narratives for subversive activity in Lithuania‘s information space

Kremlin public diplomacy experts in Russia state, and experience confirms, that Russia does not seek to be loved by the West, but does intend to pursue its own interests there. Following this reasoning, the Kremlin is not interested in building a positive image of Russia in Lithuanian society or in winning the hearts and minds of the Lithuanian public. Neither does the Kremlin aim to utterly destroy Lithuania (or the West): it aims to contain and restrain it through ‘divide and rule’ tactics. The Kremlin seeks to change the choices Lithuania makes by gaining influence over its society and its political decisions.

Balkan se neće vratiti u devedesete

Jelena Milić
EU ima pravo na predah i introspekciju. Proces proširenja ionako nikad i nije bio isti za sve i uveliko je zavisio od unutrašnjih i geopolitičkih okolnosti

Testing the Value of Postwar International Order

Testing the Value of Postwar International Order
Since 1945, the United States has pursued its interests through the creation and maintenance of international economic institutions, global organizations including the United Nations and G-7, bilateral and regional security organizations including alliances, and liberal political norms that collectively are often referred to as the "international order."...

A new approach to Serbia and Kosovo

Aleksandar Vučić
Lieutenant General Frederick Benjamin "Ben" Hodges III is a retired United States Army officer who served as commanding general, United States Army Europe.

Central European Futures

Central European Futures
Five Scenarios for 2025.

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