External actors and European integration in the Western Balkans

Wolfgang Petritsch
The Western Balkans region has returned to the center of European policymakers’ attention amidst increased concerns over geopolitical competition and inherent instability. The present study examines the major external players and their goals and policy tools in the region and – in spite of the EU’s less than stellar performance at the Sofia Summit of May 2018 – calls for a consistent and committed approach to the integration of the Western Balkans into the EU.

Petrič: Balkanski "Šengen" potreba da zemlje regiona počnu da ozbiljno sarađuju

Volfgang Petrič
Postoji jasna potreba da zemlje regiona počnu da ozbiljno međusobno sarađuju, kaže austrijski diplomata i bivši visoki predstavnik za Bosnu i Hercegovinu Volfgang Petrič posle najave da će u Ohridu u subotu biti predstavljen akcioni plan za formiranje balkanske "šengenske zone".

Vladimir Marinkovic Deputy Speaker of The Serbian Assembly: We Believe Serbia Can Become Main US Partner In Balkans

Vladimir Marinković
NO MORE AUTOPILOT: Vladimir Marinkovic, Deputy Speaker of The Serbian Assembly says Serbia must take responsibility for its foreign affairs. After Trump’s appointment of Richard Grenell as Special Presidential Envoy for Serbia and Kosovo Peace Negotiations, Ksenija Pavlovic McAteer interviews Vladimir Marinkovic, Deputy Speaker of the Serbian Assembly.

Vilnius considers Belarus NPP a threat to its national security

Dalia Bankauskaitė
The Russian state-owned enterprise “Rosatom” is building Belarus’ first nuclear power plant (NPP) in Ostrovets, about 50 km away from Vilnius, Lithuania. While Vilnius sees Ostrovets as a national security threat, which derives from the lack of transparency on the Belarus NPP side and the fact that the NPP does not meet international safety standards.

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